+41 (0)21 625 40 17 philippe.couty@tecphy.ch
Chemin du Mottey 1, 1020 Renens Suisse

About us

Tecphy is an interdisciplinary engineering office active in the sectors of renewable energy, building and industry. The team is able to propose services from the  concept, construction management to the final acceptance of installed equipments on site. We propose optimisations of buildings and industrial equipments with the support of modeling and numerical simulations. Tecphy is also active in the field of information systems and propose solutions for the monitoring of energy installations and buildings. Tackling the challenge of the “stratégie énergétique”, tecphy collaborates with other compagny’s and participes to the co-development and the industrialisation of cleantech products such as Built Integrated Photovoltaics BIPV or the production and storage of solar hydrogen. The compagny Tecphy was founded in 2018 by Philippe Couty.