• Production forecast
  • Technology choice
  • Integration of innovative solutions
  • Return on investment

Renewable energy and H2 storage

  • Global energy analysis and coupling of energy systems
  • Solar thermal and Photovoltaics PV/BIPV (Integrated PV on roof and facades)
  • Battery storage and hydrogen
  • Design of low consumption and self-consumption building
  • Final dimensioning of systems with the help of software simulations
  • Specifications for sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Programmation of the energy management system EMS and link with the building domotic sytem
  • Optimization and tuning settings

Mobility H2

  • Aerodyne and new concepts
  •  Public transport (bus, train)
  • Maritime and others

Energy management

  • Energy simulations of building systems and mobility
  • Monitoring of photovoltaics installations, in collaboration with Smarsys :  SMARSolar
  • Analysis, diagnostics, alarms
  • Algorithms for energy management
  • Installation of Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Project Management of R&D Project

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Pilot phase
  • Industrialisation