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Renewable energy, storage, building

  • Global energy analysis and coupling of energy systems
  • Solar thermal and Photovoltaics PV/BIPV (Integrated PV on roof and facades)
  • Battery storage and hydrogen
  • Design of low consumption and self-consumption building
  • Final dimensioning of systems with the help of software simulations
  • Specifications for sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Programmation of the energy management system EMS and link with the building domotic sytem
  • Optimization and tuning settings



 Industrial Equipments

  • Technology transfer R&D-> Production
  • Study of industrial solutions
  • R2R Machines, PVD, PECVD, screen printing, lamination, embossing, Lift-off …
  • Writing specifications of equipments for the production line
  • Tenders – negociating purchasing equipments
  • Project reviews
  • Fabrication tracking
  • HVAC coordination, water, gas, compressed air …
  • Final acceptance tests
  • Process optimization and OPEX optimization
  • Planning of maintenance

Energy management and monitoring

  • Monitoring of photovoltaics installations, in collaboration with Smarsys :  SMARSolar
  • Analysis, diagnostics, alarms
  • Algorithms for energy management
  • Installation of Energy Management Systems (EMS)