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André Kostro

(Daylighting and building physics)

André Kostro holds a master’s in computer science and obtained a PhD from EPFL, Lausanne in 2015, with specialization in daylighting systems for the built environment. He has excellent background in computer science, specifically in raytracing for modeling and development of optical systems. He has developed a set of tools for the evaluation of light redirecting systems and is familiar with the state-of-the-art software in optics, daylighting and building physics. After his post-doc at EPFL, he worked for BASF Schweiz AG on the upscaling of a novel light redirecting film for windows. Beyond software and optical design expertise, he also has a deep and technical understanding of all steps in light redirecting film fabrication process such as nickel shim and roller fabrication, roll to roll UV micro imprinting, physical vapor deposition, lamination and glass assembly.


  • Software development: ray tracing, building physics
  • Strong understanding of optics and daylight in the built environment
  • Building phyiscs


  • Phd Energy, LESO-PB / EPFL 2015 «Microstructured glazing for daylight, glare protection, seasonal thermal control and clear view”
    Masters in Computer Science , EPFL 2006 (7? Je sais plus)
  • Teaching
  • Lecturer “Buildind Physics III & IV”, second year bacherlor Architecture EPFL.