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Fonctionne uniquement à l'énergie solaire.

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Première installation en suisse romande

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Reference projects 

  • Skynative : Collaboration Mandate with BASF 2018-on going
  • Solar Hydrogen and PV in a building in Geneva, Mandate with Architect office GULIANRUN Geneva, 2018- still on going
  • SmarSOLAR : 2014-today, finalizing phase, Project leader and copyright simulation code
  • Swiss living Challenge, Solar Decathlon 2014-2017, Project Coordinator / Engineering lead
  • Integration of renewable energy in buildings : Project Leader IER-BAT at HEIA-FR 2015-2017, https://www.smartlivinglab.ch/fr/projects/ier-bat-integration-des-energies-renouvelables-dans-le-batiment/ ; Project Leader, FNS Active Interfaces 2014-2018 : http://www.activeinterfaces.ch/en/project
  • SILICON_LIGHT, EU FP7, 2009-2012, as Work package leader WP6 Integration and industrial implementation, https://www.silicon-light.eu/work-packages/index.html, at Flexcell VHF-Technologies Switzerland

Articles building, photovoltaics, storage

[1] “First solar hydrogen storage in a private building in Western Switzerland : building energy analysis and schematic design”, 2019 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1343 012089, abstract available on Polysun Software site https://www.velasolaris.com/first-solar-hydrogen-storage-in-a-private-building-in-western-switzerland-building-energy-analysis-and-schematic-design/

[2] “SmarSOLAR : PV production forecast used by the Swiss team, winner of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition 2017 Denver, Colorado”, Philippe Couty, Christophe Arn, 2019 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1343 012091

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Sustainable Cities and Society, Volume 43, November 2018, Pages 305-316, D. Vuarnoz, S. Cozza, T. Jusselme, G. Magnin, T. Schafer, P. Couty ; E.L. Niederhauser

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ED 18 04 neighborhub

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