Tecphy Smartgrid et microgrid

Building services

Use of simulations for the dimensionning and  the economical optimization. Technical drawings, Integration of  systems, choice of equipments.

Technical office work and Support construction: Planning – coordination of construction, commissioning and acceptance.

Building simulations

Our dimensionning are performed with the help of simulation software  such as :

  • Designbuilder
  • Polysun, PVSyst
  • Matlab codes, python codes

DesignBuilder : CFD natural ventilation, daylighting calculations

DesignBuilder : Confort conditions, solar gains, ventilation ….

Polysun : simulation of building systems such as PV, Storage & consumers

Tecphy codes : Simulations of the battery cycles and hydogen cycles produced by electrolysis

HVAC systems

We propose to integrate building systems in a rational and aestethic way :

  • Heating pipes, ventilation, water network
  • Electrical network, photovoltaics
  • Technical room

Swiss Living Challenge, Electrical Technical room

Systems coupling and interoperability

Swiss Living Challenge, Domotic ocncept

Expert in the energy systems and their software management, Tecphy support you for their dimensioning and their coupling. To propose the best systems which work together in synergy, our hardware and software proposals allow the different domotic communication standards to be mixed with an optimum interoperability

Renewable energy and Building

  • Global energy analysis with coupling of energy systems
  • Thermal solar and photovoltaïcs PV and integrated PV (BIPV)
  • Storage battery and hydrogen
  • Low consumption concept and building self-consumption
  • Final dimensioning with the help of simulation softwares
  • Writing specifications for sub-constractors 
  • Programming of energy management algorithms and links with the domotics
  • Settings and optimisation of the operational building