Tecphy - Etude de productible solaire

Calculation of solar production

Tecphy calculates the producibles of your future installations and provides an independant study. If you are leading projects we can realise this study for you, your customers or the financing services. Our calculation skills will adapt to various specific requirements or can be performed in real time.

Apart from the PV calculations, the coupling with thermal and electrical networks as well as the consumers and co-generators are possible at building/industry and district scales.

PVsyst offer

Professional software fot the planning of a complex PV project with 3D mapping and detailed losses calculations.


Polysun Offer

For standard calculations we are using the Professional software Polysun Designer .  Hourly or 1 min step calculations  are performed using meteonorm version 6 & version 7.2  Databases.  Historical datafiles, P90 or monthly data (if hourly data not availble) can be integated in the software as alternatives.

Polysun : Simulation of building systems with solar : PV, Storage and consumers


Smarsolar offer

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Production forecast SMARSolar as cloud service (SaaS) is used in the algorithms of energy management in buildings and at a larger scale in a smartgrid perspective. Comparing expected production with measured production in real time, any drop down of performance is detected and active maintenance actions will be triggered. As a consequence, it will optimize revenues.

The smarsolar computational engine takes into account all parameters of a classical PV installation (location, inclination, orientation, panel integration type, shadow curve, albedo, cables losses …) as well as the characteristics of components such as panel (Voc, Isc, thermal coefficient, NOCT, efficiency function of irradiation …)

An accurate modelling of panel is allowed with calibration electrical and optical curves such as transmittance.  This is useful in special and innovative applications to integrate special anti reflection coatings (BIPV Building) as well as soiling and snow losses.

The code has been validated with the help of PVsyst for annual production as well as with hourly data of measured production. The smarsolar code, coupled with a monitoring system, allows a smart monitoring where expected production is compared with measured production. Smarsolar can trigger an anti soiling device or a snow mitigation system only when needed to minimize costs while keeping the best production.

Smarsolar : the results of production forecast are plotted in real time in the monitoring platform of Tecphy


PVsyst Polysun Smarsolar SmarPVH2
Modelling PV and elec. networks oui oui oui
Far shadow oui oui oui
Near shadow 3D, calepinage, detailed losses oui
Modelling building and thermal oui
Professional planning PV report oui oui
Import Hourly & Monthly Meteo data (ex : PVGIS) oui oui oui
Meteonorm V6 & V7.2 oui oui oui
Modelling Optics PV panel oui
Real time PV production Simulation with API meteo or sensors on site oui
Web Portail  online with visualisation and download oui
Monitoring : drop down detection with alarms oui
Storage battery and Hydrogen snowing and soiling, database with  import / export tools oui