Tecphy Courbe autoconsommation hydrogène pour stockage saisonnier

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Tecphy is active in the photovoltaics, buildings, energy networks (smartgrid or microgrid) and Hydrogen for stationnary and mobility with various services. The modelling skills for energy systems can link the different domains toward  specific objectives. Discover our services offers.

Dimensioning photovoltaïcs

For buildings, industry, on-grid and off-grid installations, collective self-consumption, multi-energy applications

Our offers
Hydrogen and conventional stationary storage sizing

For buildings, the industry, off-grid or in network, sef-consumer community, multi-energy applications.

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Mobility Hydrogen sizing

We perform the dimensionning of systems and we calculate CAPEX and OPEX for public transport (Bus, Train, VTOL…).

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Study of PV producibles standard or specific.

As an independent actor, we perform simulation of PV production with the help of professional software as well as  Tecphy C++ & Python codes to fit all your needs.

Our offers
Monitoring Platform and control

Example : Photovoltaic parks with the hourly comparison of expected production with measured production, alarms, customer management.

Ours offers
Building energy concept and smartgrid

We propose thermal and electrical concept, targeting low consumption and self-sufficient buildings integrating renewable energy.

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Project Management R&D and new applications for energy

 R&D cleantech products, prototyping, industrialisation support, pre-series, pilot phase and demonstrator.

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