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H2 Mobility


Collectivity, industry, laboratory, start-up, acteurs de la Collective mobility, land, maritime or aerial,
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Hydrogen produced with renewables is a subsitution alternative for fossil fuels. Various implementation pathways are competing in mobility : conversion internal combustion engine (ICE) fuelled by H2, methane CH4 and synthetic fuel, concept of hybride solutions battery-fuel cell with electrical motors as well as engine/turbine-electrical generator-electrical motors (aerodyne)

  • Hydrogen production with PV and renewables
  • Ground storage and H2 distribution
  • Calculations of the consumption of buses, aerodynes …
  • Optimisation of the dimensionning and alogorythms of  production, consumption and storage
  • Calculations CAPEX et OPEX, economical study
  • Calculation of environmental impacts GWP kg eq. CO2 and CED
  • Design of solutions


Synthesis of an economical study evaluating cost per kg of alternative fuels LH2, synthezed fuel and methane CH4.

Example of mobility projects, VTOL EPFL



Extract on the dimensioning of the embeded energy systems

Dimensioning of the energy infrastruture on ground (including HRS)