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  • Renewable energies come together with energy efficiency and the reduction of consumption. They must be coupled with the other energy systems as well as the storage solutions such as electrochemical batteries and solar hydrogen.
  • Global energy analysis, carbon foot print and primary energy,  life cycle of analysis of materials, environmental indicators.
  • Engineering, integrated design, architecture.

Democratising technologies and solutions

  • Consulting in innovative solutions, reliable with a demonstrated return on investment.
  • These solutions must be accessible to many customers.

Independant consulting

  • We offer consulting services to owners, architects and engineering offices.
  • The proposed solutions suit the needs and the objectives of the client as a first priority.

Key Competences

  • Mastering new technologies : Photovoltaics BIPV,  hydrogen storage, IT for energy.
  • Modeling and numerical simulations of buildings and renewable energies.
  • Energy retrofit of buildings with the integration of renewable energies.
  • Energy monitoring, optimisation, implementation of information platforms.