Renewable PV

Energy management

  • Simulation of energy production for stationary and mobility applications
  • Monitoring of photovoltaic installations
  • Analysis, diagnostic, alarms
  • Algorithms of energy management in real time and simulation with historical data
  • Installation of energy management systems


Simulations and Monitoring with Smarsolar

Production forecast SMARSolar as cloud service (SaaS) is used in the algorithms of energy management in buildings and at a larger scale in a smartgrid perspective. Comparing expected production with measured production in real time, any drop down of performance is detected and active maintenance actions will be triggered. As a consequence it will optimize revenues. The smarsolar computational engine takes into account all parameters of a classical PV installation (location, inclination, orientation, panel integration type, shadow curve, albedo, cables losses …) as well as the characteristics of components such as panel (Voc, Isc, thermal coefficient, NOCT, efficiency function of irradiation …) An accurate modelling of panel is allowed with calibration electrical and optical curves such as transmittance.  This is useful in special and innovative applications to integrate special anti reflection coatings (BIPV Building) as well as soiling and snow losses. Monitoring and simulation : Expected and effective production, grid import export , state of charge battery, irradiation


Scalable Energy management

The data of production, consumption and confort (temperature, humidity …) generated by the buildings are recorded in local and can be transfered to  database. All IoT connected objects can be centralized on the same plateform. The building owners, installation administrators, have access to these data in real time at any time with customized visualization interfaces. Demonstration with grafana visualization dashboard for a PV system with battery storage.

Application for snow mitigation systems for PV

Smarsolar snow mitigation


Tecphy has developed computational codes for photovoltaics, thermal and Hydrogen for stationnary and mobility applications. The mastering of programing allows to integrate with high flexibility the customer data with the help of customized file converters. Tecphy has set-up a database to transfer results to customers.


  Polysun Smarsolar SmarPVH2
Modelling PV and elec. networks yes yes  
Modelling building and thermal yes    
Professional planning PV report yes    
Import Hourly & Monthly Meteo data (ex : solargis) yes yes  
Meteonorm V6 & V7.2 yes yes  
Modelling Optics PV panel    yes  
Real time PV production Simulation with API meteo or sensors on site   yes  
Web Portail  online with visualisation and download   yes  
Monitoring : drop down detection with alarms   yes  
Storage battery and Hydrogen snowing and soiling, database with  import / export tools     yes